Hello and welcome to my free download site.. A site consisting of an assortment of music and other compositions by myself an independent artist who one day decided to take all his works/jams what ever managed to make it to some type of recording medium whether finished or not whether refined or not and offer them to the public by means of this download site available not only as online or offline listening pleasures but also available as items flexible in their copy right restrictions meaning that you can disassemble and remix them and use them as a part of your own composition all for just visiting my site.

A site consisting not only of my musical attempts but also including other immediatley downloadable products such as graphics, cliparts, photos, and other downloadable digital products - including some personal endeavors I refer to as electronic compositions a form of art consisting of parts and pieces of existing graphics manipulated to a final construction and a blog consisting of what ever it is that I may be blogging about at that time. Enjoy the sounds of my music and my computer art both with the flexible copyright mentioned and explore the possibilities not yet in the making ...

No membership is neccessary and is as free as free can be and be sure to try my home made plant food on your house or garden plants They Will Love it..see main site

Oh by the way if you would like to receive a notification of any new songs or events simply click here and send me your e-mail address and I will add you to my address book and if any should arise I'll go ahead and let you know. All of these tunes were made on my keyboard using my computer synthesizer. I have been thinking doing an all instrumental album using just my acoustic twelve string guitar...stay tuned...Thank you. Wayne

PS: there may be a couple links and other meanial matters that may be a little outdated just disregard them and enjoy your downloaded items..Thank you.