Worms, worm castings, plant food, microbes, microbe rich, Wayne's microbe rich 100% natural plant food. Fertilizer, soil amendment, enriching, plant nutrition, nutritious, green thumb, plants, Keep your plants healthy and nutritionally content with this plant food made from 100% organic materials. The objective of this plant food is to maintain the presence of a new soil and it's nutients in your plants potting environment at all times. How does it work.The natural way that a plant or tree or more than likely any other leaf bearing species acquire their nutrient is thru the complexed matrix of an ecosystem consisting of micro organisms that interact with each other and subsequently thru their waste and appetite feed to the plants their necessary nutrients. A lot of plants and trees actually release a substance from their roots into the soil when their nutrients become low in order to attract the necessary micro organisms at which to begin or continue the ecosystem mentioned.Wayne's microbe rich 100% organic soluble plant food is made from high quality natural organic materials mainly worm castings rich in the micro organisms that lead to the natural manner at wh,ich a plant acquires it's nutrients. The plant food is easy to use and presented in a soluble powder or a individually sealed tablet form for an almost immediate dilution into a mix and once saturated into the water that it is mixed with an introduction of the microbe elements will begin their work from deep within the saturated soil that is used upon. Other benefits of using Wayne's microbe rich 100% organic soluble plant food are:1. No fear of burning plants.2. No need to leech the soil of the elements that may accrue in the soil when using chemical and other relative fertilizers/plant foods offering to the roots of the plant a healthy environment.3. No need to use other fertilizers unless trying emphasize upon a particular growth such as blooms that a concentrated chemical fertilizer might aid.4. Use only one tablespoons per gallon of water once a month.5. No need to change and/or refurbish a plants potting soil..6. Acts as an inhibitor to pathogenic organisms reducing the risk of plant diseases.7. Covers a larger area than just tilling an organic material into the soil.8. Has a confirmed shelf life of at least 5-7 years even if the plant food drys although beleived to be longer estimated at being indefinite until that time at which the plant food encounters some type of abnormal unnatural occurence.9. Very little if any odor.10. Handles easily and mixes to a rich honey colored liquid that shucks even looks like a good plant food and all the little microbes or if you will nanomytes moving thru the soil actually to certain extents keeps the soil plowed and loose allowing for more air circulation deeper into the soil.After all they are one of the first species to appear upon the face of the earth that more than likely came with the dirt and the plants, trees etc. and that will more likely continue to exist as long as there are tree and plants that need to be fed. When used as a "tea" this plant food can be used to leaf feed a plant in a spray form which would in turn afford to the plant a faster way to absorbe nutrients and that would also in turn act as a healing agent for the leaf itself by the application of the matrix of organisms found in the natural material to leaf surfaces exposed by damaging effects such as pesticides or rough weather subsequently interacting with the natural microbes already on the leaf..kind of like nanomytes you might say..For a simple quick tea add a tablespoon to a half gallon of water and let it sit for a day shaking it often and then filter the liquid with a fine cloth or other element to leave the filtered tea..A tea made from this plant food can also be used as a healing agent for soils and roots damaged by pesticides by inserting back into the soil microbes that were damaged by pesticide use and then will subsequently continue to battle pathogens that would damage plant life and will also continue to aid with the breakdown of any pesticide residues in the soil..this principle can probably be applied to pretty much any body of soil damaged by a foreign or natural element that will not actually kill the microbes themselves and dissallow the introduction of that element back into a body of soil.. You can't go wrong there is no fear of burning plants, no need to leech your plants potting soil and many more benefits that go along with Wayne's microbe rich 100% all organic soluble plant food.Your plants will love it. Worms, worm castings, plant food, microbes, microbe rich, Wayne's microbe rich 100% natural plant food. 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