Around the world in 80 days.
20,000 leagues under the sea
Aesop's fables.
Alladin & the wonderful lamp.
The red badge of courage.
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Dld group1eb
Biography of benjamin franklin.
A christmas carol.
A childs garden of versus.
On the duty of civil disobedian-.
Common sense.
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At the earth's core.
Adventures of huckelberry finn.
Manifesto - communist party.
Scarlet letter
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Sense & sensibility.
Legend of sleepy hollow.
The hunting of the snark.
Sun Tzu on the art of war.
Sun Tzu art of war extended.
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The time machine-george wells.
Treasure Island.
War of the worlds.
Wonderful wizard of oz..
Easy mail order riches.
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Guide to indoor air quality.
Buying a used car.
9 ways to lower auto ins. cost.
Helping child learn responsible.
Book for children.
Guide to business credit.
Buying a safer car.
Handbook to Credit protection
How to - claim benefits.
Cost of owning & operating.
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Consumer resource handbook.
Eating for life.
Fair debt collection
Consumer guide to fats.
Home fire safety check list.
Consumer guide to air travel.
Fly smart.
Foreign entry requirements.
The GED tests.
space hold.
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Helping your child learn
Helping your child get ready
for school.
Glove box tips from ted
the technician.
Consumer handbook on
adjustable rate mortgages.
Guide to health insurance for
people with medicare.
Helping your child be healthy
and fit.
Helping your child learn
Staying independent.
Facts for consumers about
invention promotion firms.
What you should know about
buying life insurance.
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Finding and purchasing public
Healthy lawn healthy
Helping your child learn math.
Helping Your child learn to
Lost or stolen credit and
ATM cards.
Medicare Q & A
The medicare handbook.
Invest wisely. An Introduction
to mutual funds.
Naturalization requirments and
general information.
New car buying guide.
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General information
concerning patents.
How To buy surplus
personal propety from the
united states department
of defense defense
reutilization and marketing
Citizen's guide to
pesticides and toxic
Emergency preparedness
preparing yor child for college.
Solving credit problems.
Read it before you eat it.
1995 U.S real propety sales
Creating resumes and
cover letters that
Work for You.
66 ways to save money.
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Small business handbook -
laws, regulations and
technical assistance svc.
Your guide to social security
Helping yor child succeed
in school.
8 things you should know
about telemarketing fraud.
Investment swindles how
they work and how to
avoid them.
School without drugs.
Timeless classics.
Jobs for tomorrow.
Guide to trademarks.
A guide to buying used
federal personal propety.
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Federal benefits for veterans
and dependents.
Guide to obtaining vital
records births, deaths,
and divorces.
Guide to getting a
government job.
Growing old gracefully.
safegaurding your food.
Your personal safety.
The radon problem.
Sensible diet tips.
conquering the smoking habit.
Hay fever, allergy and asthma.
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Fueling up on water.
New therapy for heart
Getting a second opion.
The dangers of household
Lead can e dangerous.
The positive weight
loss approach.
Facts about alzheimers
Social security information.
Walking and weight loss.
Alcohol and society today.
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Live a longer and healthier life.
You can have healhy skin.
Coronary heart disease.
Aids and drug abuse.
Ulcers are no laughing matter.
Exercise melts body fat.
Where diets go wrong.
Handy first aid tips.
How to beat depression.
Amendments to the
constitution of the
United States.
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The bill of rights.
The United States Bill of Rights.
Common sence by Thomas
The constitution of the united
Declaration of independence.
The imancipation proclamation.
The federalist papers.
The geman surrender
documents wwII.
The japanese surrender
documents wwII.
Thomas jeffersons first
inagural address.
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Give me liberty or give me death.
The magnata carta.
The mayflower compact.
The monroe doctrine.
The proclomation of neutrality.
declarations and resolves of the
first continental congress.
Declaration of the rights of the
man and of the citizen.
Washington's farewell
address 1796
How to acheive success
with your own
money making newletter.
How to succeed with your
own money making add sheet.
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How to reorganize your time
to accomadate a home
based business.
How to raise money
for starting a business.
Legalities and tax advantage
in a home business.
How to start a profitable
home based business.
Survival tips for small
How to get free radio
The lazy person's secret
to overnight wealth.
How to acheive excellence
in sales.
Secrets of getting free
How to set up a tax saving
book keeping system.
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Checklist of questions and
answers before you
buy a franchise.
How to start a money brokerage
How to make big money with
your own newspaper
clipping service.
How to find authoritive
backround on any subject.
Garage sale promoting for
quick easy money.
Paper recycling an easy
source of extra
income for anyone.
Party plan sales.
Bed and breakfast
the easiest home
based business.
Personal sports scorecards.
How to start a room mate
finding service.
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How to start a ''dating and escort
How to make your fortune
with self improvement
How to start your
own bulletin board
advertising service.
continued in next column.

How to make big
dollars with bumper
Using your camera
for extra money.
How to start your own
successfull business
consulting service.
How to make
big money with your
own business financing
How and where to get money
for a franchise idea.
How to start and operate your
own bartering club.
How to setup and operate
your own video
tape rental store.
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How to start your
own highly profirtable
resume writing service.
How to start and
operate your own firewood
supply business.
How to start your
own auto tune up
How to start your
own day care center.
How to start your
own paper recycling
How to start your
own million dollar
temporary help service.
How to start your
own mobile locksmithing
How to start your
own carpet cleaning
How to start your
own apartment and
house cleaning service.
How to start your
own credit and debt
counseling service.
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How to make $5000.00
per month or more
with garage sales.
Secrets to successfully
starting your own business.
How to prepare a
business plan that
guarantees big profits.
The inside secrets of
free publicity for your
How to make it big
with a used book store.
How to start and operate
your own video taping
How to start your
own highly profitable
catering service.
How to start your
own successfull window
washing service.
How to start a
telephone answering
How to start your
own highly profitable
shopping center paper.
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How to start your
own home based secretarial
Secrets of economizing
in inflationary times.
A book keeping
system that will save
you money.
The inside secrets
to personal tax
continued in next column

Legal ways to get
the bill collector off
your back.
How to acheive wealth
the easy way.
How to start a
business in your home and make
big bucks.
How t o accomodate
a home based
How to make your
business survive in
the 90's market.
Sure fire methods
of raising instant cash.
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How to collect debts
other people owe you.
How to make really big
profits with a correspondence
How to make fast
cash with your car, van
or pick up truck.
How to self publish
your own books manuals
or newsletters.
How to operate a
successfull home based
typing service.
How to make money
buying and selling used car
and trucks.
How to get a visa
or mastercard with no credit
Home business
guide to easy
How to purchase your
dream home with
no credit check.
How to make up
to $1000.00 every
week with your camera.
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How to make big money
at garage sales, flea
markets and swap meets.
Preparing resumes; better
jobs for you and
How to make huge profits
with garage sales.
How to find money
for business ventures of
all sizes.
Bartering: Your expertise
services are worth
big bucks.
How to raise money
for your franchise.
How to obtain free business publicity.
Advertising ad
sheets=big profits.
How to write
attention compelling
Strike it rich
with government assistance.
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Sell information by mail.
How to start a type
setting business.
How to start your own
rubber stamp business.
How to start your
own clip art business.
How to become a
printing broker.
How to make big money
producing discount cards.
Producing resteraunt placemats
as an advertising medium.
How to make
money video taping
How to make
money producing
special event videos.
How to make
money providing inventory
video taping service..
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