Hello my name is Wayne from the window washing division of Wayne R. Butler Enterprises. A window washing company located here in Portland Oregon specialized in a home's window systems maintenance by eliminating the dirt and grime and other corrosive matters that may have come to rest on your window systems glass and frame area that may thru the transistions of time compound and eventually require a different eschelon of service at which to rectify..

What I would like to do is to take a moment of your time at which to familiarize you with my company and the techniques that we use to wash and clean the windows, screens and tracks of your home's window

Basicly we are a family operation that uses the neccessary tools to accomplish the tasks pending usually consisting of the 1st eschelon washing and cleaning of the exterior,interior, tracks and the screens of your window systems.

Using the latest in window washing technology such as a high reach pole capable of delivering a detergented, a clean and then a pure water source to the windows out of reach of most methods as well as to the other windows of the house; we will deliver a cleaned spotfree exterior window..

For the interior once again using the latest in window cleaning soaps and technology the "squegee team" is deployed to first mop the window with water and the soaps mentioned and then to squeegee off the water from the window glass.

And then a final touchup consisting of scrutinizing the windows clarity both exterior and interior with a fine steel wool pad leaving you with a crystal clear window.

Although sometimes on a rare occasion we encounter circumstances beyond our immediate control that thwart our objective of ascertaining the crystal clear windows that we strive for such as thermal pane leakage that require a different arena of service to rectify that matter and hard water and mineral stained windows that require a different eschelon of window cleaning service to rectify that matter. see more on this subject by clicking the visit us link and then selecting problem windows and terms/legal.

We actually offer a money back guarantee or per say free service for an unsatisfied customer but it does not apply to windows suffering from thermal pane leakage or hard water,mineral and other stains caused by the impact of time and element infusion. Once again see more on this subject by clicking the visit us link and then selecting terms/legal..

visual inspection has been known to fail when trying to assess as to whether windows are suffering from the conditions mentioned.

Your screens are removed before we start the job and are dusted with a fine hair brushed unless of course you purchased the premium package which entails the washing of the screens rather than just dusting them free of the loose particles that may have come to rest on them.

And once again if you have purchased the premium package we will also clean your window tracks the part of the window where they rest and/or slide when they are opened and closed basicly using methods that will assure that the tracks are cleaned from any surface dirt that may have come to rest on them.

We have a selection of three service packages at which to choose from:

I. A basic package which consist of:

1. removing the screens.
2. dusting the screens.
3. washing the exterior windows.
4. replacing the screens.

II. A deluxe package which consist of:

1. Basic package +
2. interior windows washed.

III.A premium package which consist of:

1. Deluxe package +
2. tracks cleaned. +
3. screens washed rather than dusted.

All of which which should conclude with a window allowing a clarity before absent due to the obscuring effects of the grime and the dirt.


Thank you for your time..

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