Wayne R. Butler Enterprises window wash department - instructions for using online form and counting windows.

Each pane of glass in a window system for the purposes of better control is counted as a window.

One window system with 1 stationary window and one *mobile window is considered as two windows.

One window system with 1 stationary window and two *mobile windows is considered as three windows.

Each pane in a window system separated by frames that is not a **standard french window is = one window/pane.

Any single paned stationary window less than 6' x 6' is considered as one window.

Any single paned stationary window 7' x 7' or larger falls under the mainly glass structure guidelines factoring an estimate and cost according to the square footage involved. Simply fill in the large pane information on the online form to calculate a cost.

Raised french panes windows are calculated at a minimum of $4.56 per interior clean or $1.00 per french pane whichever cost is greater. the exterior cost is calculated at the same as a standard window pane. Simply fill in the french pane window section for all sides of the house on the online form. see the next section "Form Instructions" for more details.

*any window that moves slides lifts or other wise.
**standard french pane size = no larger than 10" x 14"

End Section I. Counting Windows.

II. Form instructions.

Starting at I. general information fill in the appropriate information.

part II. Window location and count - basicly is the area where the number of windows and the number of other applicable areas for the retrospective part of the house are listed.

Starting from the front of the house or storefront face your house or storefront and count the window panes and screens starting from the top left window and fill in the appropriate area on the form (the first slot) with the number of panes or otherwise..if there are windows with raised french panes involved treat and count them seperately from the standard panes and enter their window count in the area appropriated for french panes and then enter the number of panes for each window in the appropriate slot - use only as many spots that you need to use. (window#1=furthest top left work to the right and then down left if indeed there is more than one floor involved. standard for me = furthest left window=window#1). After entering the number of panes for each french window you will then have to enter the cost which is $4.56 for windows with 4 panes or less or $1.00 per pane if there are more than 4 panes.

Fill in the other areas accordingly should they apply to your needs. Be sure to reenter all the figures when asked to do so..

Store front estimates can skip to III. Totals.

Do the same for all sides of the house.

For the section House - other: fill in the areas accordingly with the first slot being for the number of the item you would like to have serviced and then proceed accordingly. for the screen repair section list the total number of screens that you would like to have repaired and then list the number of screens that you would like to have repaired according to their size. if the screen is larger than 4' x 5' figure the cost at $10.00 + .50 per square feet and then fill in the appropriate area on the online form. Be sure to reenter all the figures when asked to do so.

III. Totals: Simply fill the information accordingly.

IV. Estimate and bid: Fill the information accordingly...At + options be sure to reenter the total cost displayed into the three slots following the option cost. (if applicable an option cost will be displayed in the first slot at each line.)

At part 2 of IV. enter the cost of the window washing package that you prefer and then enter which window washing package that you have selected.

For the rest of part2. of IV. just fill in the appropriate areas accordingly.

V. Disclaimers: I offer crystal clear windows unless any of the conditions listed on the form exist. the "other" slot in this area is reserved for my use and is usually applicable to windows that I cannot fully access and guarantee crystal clear windows on. The "signed" slot is reserved for a customers affirmation of the disclaimer.

VI. Agreements: the first slot is resrved for the customers name should they accept the agreement and the second slot for the date. For th emost part this section is pretty much self explanatory and much of the area is reserved for office use. if you have a prefered time that you would like to have your windows washed you can go ahead and enter that date. I usually start a job at 9:00am. be sure to enter the number of panes and total french windows into the first slot at the "estimated time of completion" area so that you will have an idea on how long the job will take. You will have to manually add up the total window panes and total french window count.

Hit the submit button and you will be directed to a page with the information that you have just submitted...Be sure to print a copy of that page for your records.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at windows-washed@correspondence-etc.com Thank you.

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