Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Screens washed.
  • Detergented and pure water. window clean system.

  • Frame area cleaned.

  • Exterior faceplate cleaned.*

  • Tracks scrubbed and cleaned.

  • Screen repair available.
  • Newest technology in window cleaning gear and soaps.

  • Owner operated.

  • Free estimates.

  • * limited to 4" face plates..

    On site process:
    1. set up screen management system.
    2. remove screens
    3. dust or wash screens as per package option.
    4. set up exterior wash equipment.
    a. scrub windows with freindly detergent.
    b. rinse windows with clean water.
    c. and if neccesary rinse with pure water.
    5. stow or setaside exterior wash equipment.
    6. prepare interior clean equipment.
    7. stiff brush and vaccuume tracks.
    8. clean interior windows with application and removal mop/squeegee system.
    9. clean tracks with detergented water and other as necessary.
    10. inspect.
    11. touch up if neccessary.
    12. reinstall screens.
    13. Put away all tools and assure all areas are clean from service encounters.
    14. collect payment

    A maintenance protocol that every home owner should consider especially those that have new windows in order to alleviate the effects of compounding hard water and other corrosive elements..see problem windows..

    To summ it up basicly what we will do is wash and clean your window system/systems* and guarantee crystal clear windows unless certain conditions as specified in our service agreement are present. *Does not include blinds or other window coverings.