Why should I feed my plants

A plant like other living creatures require a certain type of food at which to process into life as usually tapped from the elements in their potting environment of which after a prolonged period of use the effectiveness of that potting environment becomes depleted from the use mentioned and needs to be replaced or amended or refurbished if you will with some type of soil additive or plant food/fertilizer...

The usual accepted effective span of a new potting soil is usually considered to be about 2-3 months before depletion occures leaving your plants hungry and diminished of their capability and more susceptable to diseases unless as mentioned the potting environment is compensated for as described in the first paragraph.

A plant may continue to survive drawing what nutrients that it can out of the water and air but is also subjected to stress in the process of having to search for food rather than just having it there available.

One of the keys to effective plant care is to try to alleviate the stress that they may suffer so that they can use that energy saved from not having to deal with the stress to bear more and better fruit..

As mentioned several times thruout this site the key element of Wayne's 100% soluable plant food is the ability of the benefits of the food to be absorbed directly into the existing soil granuales and refurbish and maintain the potting element/soil into a state being better than new maintaining your plants n a state of being neither over or under fertilized but nutritionally content.

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