Why my worm casting product.

All worm castings are not the same and the quality and effect the worms castings have on a plant can differ greatly. the worm castings I produce are farmed in a controlled indoor environment allowing the casting to simmer per say in a slightly moist environment at a certain temperature creating a concentrated medium within that environment that leeches back into each worm kernel/pellet with the worms on a special diet of their most natural food that has also been processed with a summized objective to produce this high quality casting that I later manufacture into the plant foods available. The manufacturing process further unlocks the potential of these quality castings by pulverizing each individual worm pellet into a finer unit allowing for the breadth of the casting pellet to impact a plant immediately rather than dissolving a layer at a time off of the worm casting pellet subsequenting a vigourous growing effect on a plant that could be compared to using high quality manufactured plant foods.. One of the good things about this plant food is that you can experiment with larger doses to achieve that larger fruit without the fear of burning your plants.. If you are looking for a larger plant or fruit try this plant food on for size..