Terms and agreement of use for this website and the items inventoried at this web site.

Hello; basicly the terms involved in this agreement between you the visitor of this site and this venture are very plain and simple access and download is absolutley free although their are some restrictions that apply to some of the items as are specified in the next paragraph..

Stipulations: The purchase of any items listed at our site are protected by the terms of this agreement stipulating the transfer of certain permissions allowing a specified use of the material purchased from this site and does not include the actual ownership of the item/items purchased..see following for the specified allowances transfered.

1. You are allowed to use copy and resell for any price for commercial or for your own personal use any graphic, animated art, non exclusive template, e-book, photo, clipart and music downloaded at this site for a time of no limit and to the quantity of use also of no limit or until that time at which the media has been lost or destroyed beyond a usable form ..Be sure to check for other restrictions that may apply when using celebrity photos as an instrument for promotional purposes.

4. You are not allowed to copyright or claim the ownership of any of the items downloaded from this site in their original form.

Warranties & support:

There are no warranties or support implied...The only compensation applied to these items is invoked in the event of a download malfunction if such an event occures please contact correspondence@correspondence-etc.com..

Return policies:

There are no return policies implied and all exchanges are final unless as attributable to a download malfunction... if such an event occures please contact correspondence@correspondence-etc.com..

Other indeminities.

1. The venture Wayne R. Butler Enterprises shall not be held liable for any reprocussions sustained from the customers use of the items acquired at our web site.

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