Hello and welcome to my lesson on how to make a microbe brew solution/tea using Wayne's 100% organic microbe brew tablets..

for those of you not familiar with what a microbe brew is basicly it is a manner at which to take the base population of the microbe organisms present in an organic element and multiply them into the multitudes of millions if not billions and thereby increase the potency of the base element at hand.

Wayne's 100% organic microbe brew tablets are a microbe brew base that is naturally balanced with the microbe organisms best suited for a healthy soil as theoretically created by God and then confirmed by the explorations of science.

This first lesson will entail the use of the one gallon tablets and what you will need to keep it as simple as possible are:

  1. A liter to a gallon container..I prefer a empty plastic liter soda bottle myself not quite a gallon but the shape of the bottle makes for a good circulation but an empty gallon plastic milk jug will work ..

  2. Some unsulphured black molasses or some other type of microbe food (search worm tea for more details).

  3. An air supply of some sort with the necessary hoses..i use an inexpensive aquarium pump myself cost about $5.00.

  4. Some water..regular tap water will do.


  1. Take any labels off the outside of bottle so that you can see inside and fill the bottle with water to the full mark.

  2. Add about 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon of unsulphured black molasses or other *microbe food..be sure the molasses is unsulphured.

  3. Drop in one of Wayne's 100% organic one gallon microbe brew tablets.

  4. Let it soak for 24 hours and then add the air..be sure that the end of the air hose is at the bottom of the bottle.

  5. Let brew for five days adding about another 1/2 to 3/4 of a teaspoon of molasses on the third day.

  6. Feed your plants on the fifth or sixth day or let it continue to brew and to continue to multiply the microbes into multitudes with too many zeros for my arithmetic.

For the five gallon tablets use 1 tablespoon of molasses and a 5 gallon bucket or other container.

After the brew is complete as mentioned you just need to water your plants with it...Although there is no risk of burning the plant with over fertilization I would recommend to not over do it with potted house plants in order to maintain a good ratio of microbes verses the plants needs...A good way to do this is to first lightly water the plant with water and then add a cup or two of the microbe brew..small pots may require less sometimes only as much as a shot glass full. .As mentioned you can experiment with the doses involved without the fear of burning your plants. After the brew is complete and you have watered your plants you can still use the tablet a couple of more times as a base to brew more microbes although some of the other on board elements may have become saturated out of the tablet and depleted.. You could also bury the tablet remains into the soil as a continued time released plant food..The tablet will eventually dissolve and degrade into the soil.. Click here to see pictures of completed set up..

By the way if you notice a mucus like substance and an odor start to appear there is no reason for concern they are bio masses of the organisms used to feed the predators of a worm castings ecosystem and the smell of their concentrated waste intertwined with the smell of mollases and will do not but increase the potency and potential of the microbe brew..simply use the brew normally and if you notice the bio mass on the top of the soil you can either stir it in a 1/8 to 1/4" or just let the mass sit on top of the soil and it will eventually bleed into the soil when you normally water your plants.

Down load "microbe technology as a plant food source" at my home page for more information on how to use microbes to accomodate your plants and trees.