An assortment of bars and banners good for other uses such as back drops or a design you only use a portion bars, bue bars, red bars, black bars,plastic bars, metal bars, animated bars, psycadelic bars, striped bars, themed bars.. A bar with santa in the left corner..a pink bar fading to turquoise, a candy striped bar, a dark pink bar fading to a light blue, a yellow bar fading to pink..a bar with a white backround green accents and a 'flower in the middle. A purple bar fading to green. A purple and beige tapestry type of a bar that would make a good backdrop..A blue bar with an orange poppy flower in the left corner. A bar with multiple ghosts.. A gold bar, a white bar with middle brown accent. A floral designed bar, a bar with purple, blue and yellow mid lines..A brass rod bar..a bar with flying witches..Morefloral and rod designed bars, a bar with multiple pumpkin heads, a link bar, a bar with multiple santa clause heads tilting and knodding. A bar with multiple american flags..A black bar with multiple gray ovals that swell towrds the middle..a multi colored speckled bar..a black bar with two red l.e.d lights in the middle, a black bar with two blue l.e.d lights in the middle. A bar with a fuse and bomb..more bars with a gray line in the middle and an icon such as a music note, a shark, an owl and a sword. Multi bars with a white backround and a faded stream of color in the middle. A graph bar, a bar with a knot tied in it..A bar with multiple goldstars, more floral designed bars, a bar with a train set to include the locomotive, caboos and passenger cars. A bar with a black sailboat sillouetted on an orange sun on black water. A bar with a framer riding on a tractor and a red barn. More multi colored fade in bars and gray line styled bars..A bar with palm tree on islands..A bar with a blue and orange hobby rocket laying sideways..A bar with a flying airplane towing a sign..A guitar fret bar. Multiple psycadelic animated bars..a bar with barbwire, a bar with a moving saw blade, a bar with footprints, a thermometer bar..A bar with a jumping hippopotamaus. a bar with multi gender signs..More animated bars to include: 1. a burning fuse and bomb. 2. an owl with it's eyes opening and closing. 3. a bar with a hose leading from a water spicket with water spraying out form the hose on a progressive level across the bar. Multiple bars with an animated creature in various environments such as on a golf course, in a canoe, sailing and swimming. A ruler bar, a bar with telephone poles and wires, a bar with a green cartoon dragon. A scenic bar overlooking a seascape. A bar with Santa Clause and his reindeer..A bar with 2 penguines on a snowscape, a bar with christmas lights, a bar with balloonsof various colors and a bar with multiple hearts. And lastly more pyscadelic and designer type of bars.. and even more bars available as member downloads..30 bars per groupe.
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