A past review: Hey whats up Wayne. Just want to say thanks, awsome product. Im part of a large grow forum and told the guys about your product. So a lot of them may be placing some orders. Thanks

Hello and thanks for that good review and forum plug....I was wondering if you mind if I use this review on my site..right now it is down due to extenuating circumstances but should be up before long..thanks again..

Thats not a prob you can use it. I use the worm casting the first time 3 days ago and today my plant leaves grow 3x the size they were. Really great stuff, I will be ordering more before I run out. Thanks

A review dated 03/29/2014: PS: you are right, the plants love also the tee!!!

03/13/2014: Hi Wayne, I'm very happy with the tabletts :-) My plants really enjoy the food, they are growing and growing. Best fertilizer I ever had. Thank you so much!! best regards. A customer from Germany.


Hi Wayne, I left my original feedback before I had a chance to see the results on my plants. I have one small plant (an amazonian vine) that I started from seed. It had grown in a pot to about 4 inches with several sets of leaves and I bought your plant food because the leaves had all turned brown and dropped off and the stalk was showing signs of certain death. Since I made the tea from your fertilizer, my little girl has 2 brand new leaves (in just over a week!) I am so happy with this result. I know your product saved her life! Thank you!

A review dated 08/16/2016: Hey man , these packets do amazing things to my plants . A+++ product . I'm going to buy more in a few days . Great Product ..

A review dated 05/31/2017 after assisting a customer with a transaction: Hello.thank you very much it was not neccisary.ive seen my last purchase work like crazy on my tomato plants.it is well worth the asking price.i look forward to many more purchases in the future..you have a great product....thanks again

A review dated 03/14/2018: Even though I haven't received the microbe castings yet I'm leaving you 5 stars on both purchases . Your a great seller with an excellent product Also , I might add my plants and trees love your castings too lol . Thanks Mark

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