An Avenue Of Opportunities

If you fnd yourself with ample time and perhaps a lack of money what I have to offer to you is an avenue of opportunities that could very well prove to be beneficial to your lively hood and monetary status..Basicly what the program has to offer is a variety of networks commonly refered to as traffic exchanges that are for the most part built and established by proffessional marketers with the objective to accumulate a large number of members who network their ads and products amongst themselves and thereby promote their endeavor to the number of members in the network usually by banners, text ads and by surfing other members websites and/or reading other members e-mails for credit or cash which you can either use to purchase more ad space for yourself or that you can cash in..It varies at the different traffic exchange web sites...

Another money maker in this industry is the ability to promote the marketers website and get paid by credits and cash for sign up referrals and with the number of marketers involved in this industry meaning the number of marketer sites that you can sign up for free with and promote the referrall possibilities are extensive and numerous..

Basicly you would be in a sense working for the marketers as a recruiter of new members using the tools provided by them such as the exchange sites and are being paid for the new members that you bring to them in the form of referall credits and cash and in the form of new sign up and upgrade commission credits and cash and to certain extents at some exchanges are allowed to reap the above said from each new member that your recruited member signs up to to the exchange that you recruited him to.

It' easy to get lost in the matrix of the "surf zone" meaning that when you sign up for a site and start surfing it's exchange you are offered an opportunity to sign up for other members traffic exchange programs that they offer as recruiters and once signed up as a new recruit at that exchange you are once again offered those opportunities to sign up as a member at other sites and a person could very well lose their way back to home base within the matrix mentioned...I would advise keeping track of the sites that you sign up for and/or just signing up for the site and then returning back to this page to where the sites are easy to reference and are to certain extents already kept in order for you; to perhaps once again sign up for another site..

It's really a pretty simple task simply click one of the links below and then:

I. If you just want to be paid or credited for surfing other members sites:

II. If you want compensation for referalls:

III. If you just want to advertise and promote a product.

See the appropriate links at the traffic exchange web site to start the above.

Some sites such as mailer sites do not offer surfing but offer a mail exchange program wherein you are credited for reading another members e-mail and you can in turn have another member read your e-mails or you can cash the credits in..Once again the compensation differs thru out the different exhanges...

I am by no means an expert in this market and the strategies used in this industry are numerous and extensive and it will require time and input but it seems to be a fairly new untapped industry with a long way to go before saturation and really a "no money down" opprotunity does exist both as a excellent way to advertise and promote a product and to also compensate a wallet and pocketbook if not to overflow it..Although I myself being a newcomer to this market and with a main objective to promote my plant food has not as of yet realized that overflow mentioned although the math says that it is indeed a viable possibility..

Feel free use this page as a home base to easily and quickly reference what the different traffic exchanges have to offer. Simply click one of the book mark this page icons located on the right middle and bottom of this page.

Please note that I am just explaining the general factors involved with the traffic exchange market as a breif tutorial of what to expect as traffic exchange market participant and by no means claim to be an expert or proffesional in this matter and that I will not held liable for any reprocussions that may be sustained as a member of a traffic exchange website signed up for from this web page.

Click one of the links below to begin your cruise down this avenue of opportunities. I am a member at everyone of these and use their services to promote my plant food..I have seen an increase in my web traffic.

Thank you.


1. 1000/1000/1000 = hits/banner views/text ad views with the appropriated number of each in the appropriate slot.
2. hits=number of times your web site is viewed in a members surf facility.
3. banner views=how many times your banner is displayed.
4. text ad views=how many time your text ad is displayed.
5. credit= A trading medium. As generally applicable in the traffic exchange market as one credit = a number of hits and/or a number of banner views and/or a number of text views and/or an amount of cash.
6. surf=to progressively view internet sites..(limited to members site in a traffic exchange complex).
7. surf ratio=The number of credits extended per web site view.
8. T,E or TE = Traffic exchange.
9. O.T.O or OTO = One time offer.
10. n/a= not available.

Please note that most of the free membership surf sites require that a certain number of pages be surfed in order to activate the free benefits..Most sites offer different delay times of 6-20 seconds between site views with different surf ratios such as 2:1 = surf two sites and receive one credit or 1:1 surf one site and receive one credit etc. with usually a minimum of 50 sites to be surfed before activation..(no big deal especially with a good internet connection.) And a lot of sites offer a variety of rewards not listed here. Be sure to check out their different programs in order to take full advantage of the opprotunity that they offer. you will know what I mean after you have visited and checked out a few different sites and their programs/offers.

Also note that sometimes a promo code needs to be entered in order to reap the free benefits and that the free sign up bonuses offered and that are listed here are subject to change and are not mandatory in their current relation. Keep your eyes open for the promo codes if applicable.

For you beginners to the traffic exchange market I would reccommend using the opportunity avenue text list and the accompanying username and password log that comes with the free download to begin your T.E (traffic exchange) venture. Simply start at the top #1 exchange and sign up. Use the username/password log to keep track of your access codes. After signing up return to the list and sign up for exchange #2 etc. That way as mentioned the exchanges are already arranged in an orderly manner and will be easier to track. " I did the foot work for you"

Please note that new exchanges may be added to this page/list on a frequent basis. Please check back to explore the new additions..Click here to view featured exchanges. Click here to check for new additions to Opportunity Avenue.