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To keep it plain and simple the use of this web site and it's assetts are by a voluntary basis and I the proprietor of this website shall not be held liable for any reprocussions sustained from the use of this website. I am not a traffic exchange. I am a collection of multiple traffic exchange opportunities - a traffic exchange center if you will and what I offer is the opportunity to buy ad space at which to advertise your banner/banners and/or referral links using internet methods and as mentioned I shall not be held liable for any deficiencies other than that of to assure the sound mechanical operations of the assetts of this web site.

To buy or to purchase an ad space is implied as a purchase for a period of time as selected at the time of buying the ad space.

All material at this website bears the copyright insignia (©) and is protected as such.

For more terms regarding the purchase of ad space please see the terms listed on the ad space purchase panel at this link

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