Hello and welcome to the central office of Wayne R. Butler Enterprises.

The home of Wayne's ,microbe rich 100% organic soluble plant food selection.

At this site you will find avenues to the ventures that I am currently engaged in such as the production, packaging and sales of the plant food mentioned, the sale of raw gem materials at my e-bay site, a window washing venture that focuses on mainly the local inhabitants of course; and I am also an active participant in the traffic exchange industry having recently realized a possibility that before was hidden and every now and then I prospect a temporary stay with a passing possibility such as a rare collectable/collectables that I may have come upon.

Centrally located here in Portland Oregon my office is ready to serve you during standard business operating hours (8-5pm) so don't hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have..Thank you and enjoy your visit at any of my annexed operations simply click on the appropriate link towards the bottom of the center page..Wayne.

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