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If you find yourself with some spare time and would like to promote a product as well as strive for your financial liberty what I have to offer to you is a feasable form of advertising and an avenue of opportunities that could very well prove to be beneficial to your web traffic, product sales and monetary status..

Basicly what the program has to offer is a variety of networks commonly refered to as traffic exchanges that are for the most part built and established by proffessional marketers with the objective to accumulate a large number of members who network their ads and products amongst themselves and thereby promote their endeavor to the number of members in the network usually by banners, text ads and by surfing other members websites and/or reading other members e-mails for credit or cash which you can either use to purchase more ad space for yourself or that you can cash in..It varies at the different traffic exchange web sites...

Another money maker in this industry is the ability to promote the marketers website and get paid by credits and cash for sign up referrals and with the number of marketers involved in this industry meaning the number of marketer sites that you can sign up with for free and promote - the referrall possibilities are extensive and numerous..

Basicly you would be in a sense working for the marketers as a recruiter of new members using the tools provided by them such as the exchange sites and are being paid for the new members that you bring to them in the form of referall credits and cash and in the form of new sign up and upgrade commission credits and cash and to certain extents at some exchanges are allowed to reap the above said from each new member that your recruited member signs up to to the exchange that you recruited him to.

At this particular exchange "Opportunity Avenue Ad Exchange" the major promotional tools used are that as mentioned - website surf display, banner ads and text ads with a compiment of 500 web site hits, 500 banner impressions and 500 text impressions at which to begin your campaign after surfing 25 pages. Not to mention the prizes given during contest durations at Opportunity Avenue.

So join now and surf your 25 pages and then begin your promotional campaign using the multiple methods mentioned here at Opportunity Avenue and then upgrade if so desired to any of the levels as follows: click here .

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