What is raw gem material.

  Raw gem material is a term employed to define precious and semi precious stones and other minerals prior to and at the time of harvest from the earth until that time at which refinishing efforts have proceeded into a final product.

The varieties amongst the raw gem criteria are extensive expanding to varied outreaches within the continents of the world; some rare and priced accordingly and some readlly available and also priced accordingly.

The raw gem material offered at our web site ranges from the "readily available" to the "no longer mined" with the only samples available being the samples currently in circulation such as Utah Variscite:no longer mined
Illinoise fluorite: no longer mined.
Illinoise cathedrals: no longer mined.
Idaho Tiffany stone: no longer mined.
Arizona bloodstone: no longer mined.
Arizona specular hematite in green matrix: no longer mined.
and some rare thundereggs that could very well be no longer mined and available beyond the samples in circulation..In addition to the varied "no longer mined" raw gem material we also carry a varied range of the more available gem and rough rock gem material to include the brilliant oregon sunstone (defined most when faceted)
varieties of citrine (both high and lower qualities)
calcites aqua and gold
arizona onyx and marbles
psilomelane maganese
agates and more..

Perhaps the most advantagous attributes of investing in a raw gem material for collection or other purposes whether lapidary or not would probably be the cost savings surmmounted from the difference between the raw material and the finished product and perhaps the dividends gained from the laws of supply and demand that would apply to a diminishing stock...

What is oregon sunstone Oregon sunstone another primary item of this venture is a translucent raw gem material which is mined in several locations in the state of Oregon - usually a clear straw type of color with variants of other hues of color depending on the variety of sunstone. An affordable value in it's raw form and it's not unusual to experience a 200% - 300% increase in value when transformed into a faceted stone. Measuring 6.5-7.2 on the mohs hardness scale the oregon sunstone can facet into a brilliant stone..

Origin: Oregon. ..

  • Rarity:  Readily available -still mined - will provide stats info.
        when available. 
  • Collectable value projected: due to  lack of resource availabilty info...n/a
  • Current market value: Unknown - Supply(0) + Demand(+1)=positive.
        Note: cmv subject to change in accordance with the speculative factors utilized.
  • Color:   Tone of clear straw ..see pix.. 
  • Classification:
        Rock: x
        Mineral: x
        Gem: x  (gemmy)
  • Synthetic:

  • Facetable: Yes.
  • Other uses: collectable, other ornamental, other etc.
  • Condition: Varied amongst the specimens available from slightly hazy to water clear - from clear straw to hints of copper and pink colors...Most of our current sunstone stock has been partially tumbled and any fragile edges were removed and tumbled to a rounded solid unit - although we do have an untumbled version of the sunstone also.

  • Note: cmv subject to change in accordance with the speculative factors utilized.
  • Note: speculations do not include any guarantees in price fluctuations.
  • Note: cmv listed is not the representation of any standard that may be correspondent with the semi precious minerals market or any other reasonable facsimile thereof but are as compiled by an independent operating facility utilizing the factors described under "current market value" with the intent and objective of ascertaining a comprehensive current market value that would correlate with the current condition/conditions of the relative mineral and should be fairly close if not accurate to the measurement of the current market value that may correspond with any standards relative to the semi precious minerals market/industry...soley as a means at which to perpetuate to the prospective investor/customer a basic value necessary with investment decisions..

  • Note:
  • The venture assay glass, oregon sunstone and more for sale shall not be held liable for any deviations away from the facetors/lapidarist/others objective/objectives due to raw gem material consistency or stability...all discretions relative to such are the sole responsibiltiy of the purchaser and/or the party hired to accomplish such objective.

    Shipping discounts apply..size and weight limitations apply approxiamatley 20lbs per box...Total purchase must be equal to or exceed a total shipping cost of $9.95 any shipping cost in excess of that amount will be discounted accordingly.. .

    Buy your "pet rock" today it may prove to have positive returns in the future..thank you

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