Hello and WELCOME to our WEBSITE! I suppose you might be wondering what is Assay Glass click here and what is Oregon sunstone and for that matter what the heck is raw gem material? click here Although the primary product of this venture is assay glass I think that I will first breifly familiarize you with what is raw gem material and oregon stone and then breifly familarize you with what is assay glass. Note: for a more detailed description please click on the links listed in this page section.

First off basicly and very breifly raw gem material is the rough form of gems and other stones both precious and semi precious prior to and when initially mined from their earthened location and until that time at which refined by faceting and other methods. One of which is Oregon Sunstone which is mined in several locations in the state of Oregon - usually a clear straw type of color with variants of other hues of color depending on the variety of sunstone. An affordable value in it's raw form and it's not unusual to experience a 200 - 300% increase in value when transformed into a faceted stone.

Assay Glass the primary product we support is a rare material subsequented from a process used approxia- matley 30-40 years ago to assess certain locations for Gold prospectives and is available in a variety of colors both translucent and solid with quality that can be compared to a very high quality emerald or other high quality facetable material..

The assay glass we offer originates from a now shut down and possibly buried gold mine located in mercer utah..A place now declared as an historic site and a place that facetors used to target soley for the purpose of adding this assay glass to their collection of faceting material thus dubbed the name Mercer Assay Glass - a material so rare I might not be hesitant to say that I may be the only supplier of this material with a very limited quantity left. At an affordable price as compared to lab gems and other facetable material mercer assay glass might very well prove to be a worthwhile investment for your money. with the acquirement of what might be considered to be a rare material and possibly a treasure...
What is assay glass..

What is raw gem material.
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